Little Johnny - Xmas Gonk Cotton

Little Johnny - Xmas Gonk Cotton

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Going . . . going . . . Gonk!

In the fabrics and crafts industry, cotton is an all-round favourite. It's high tensile strength makes it strong, durable and less likely to rip or tear. It washes and dries easily and may be washed repeatedly as needed. This is a quality material for sewing, it is perfect for dressmaking, quilting, patchwork, bunting, cushion-covers.

This fabric is a cheeky twist on a modern christmas classic; The Gonk. It features super cute Gonks, in the festive spirit, setting up decorations. They are interspersed with christmas trees, snow globes, stars and other decorations all set against a crisp white background.

Composition: 100% Cotton

Oeko-Tex: Yes

Weight: 115gsm

Width: 150cm