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Prym - Tailor's Ham

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Build your dressmaking supplies with our essential Tailor’s Pressing Ham from Prym.

A tailor’s ham is the first pressing tool you should buy after your ironing board and iron. Most women’s garments have some sort of curved seam and you’ll need a pressing tool that mimics different body parts.

Additional Information:
– Practical aids for ironing necklines, waist bands, cuffs, darts or curving seams
– Double use for a variety of ironing temperatures

Ideal for dressmakers, the tailor’s ham is perfect for ironing curved, narrow or long seams without creating any centre crease or having pressed lines showing through to the right side of the fabric. Use our tailor’s pressing Ham to shape darts, shoulders, collars, hip curves and bust fullness. The curved edges of the Tailors Ham conforms to the body shapes in garments, making it ideal for pressing curved seams, sleeve-heads and shaping collars.

The rounded shape enables you to only iron on the stitched line. The tailor’s ham is also two-sided with a cotton side which is suitable for fabrics which require a higher heat setting and a wool side ideal for cooler settings.

The Prym tailor’s pressing ham is a practical aid, which no sewing and craft work fan should be without. Folds in fabric in necklines, waist bands, cuffs, darts or curving seams can quite simply be ironed out. Side seams and seam allowances no longer push through. Doubly useful: The cotton side is suitable for smooth fabrics and higher temperature settings, the checked wool side for lower temperatures and more voluminous materials. The tailor’s ham is impressively durable with its high quality workmanship, discretely edged padding and perfectly finished seams. A useful aid, which takes care of the ironing of the finishing touches for every single sewing project!